Press release: UNESCO builds sustainable capacity in educational policy and planning in Indonesia, Thailand, and Viet Nam

In collaboration with The University of Hong Kong, and sponsored by J.P. Morgan, UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) is launching a regional distance training programme on education sector planning.

Paris (6 June 2012) – In many parts of Asia – especially South-East Asia – educational development is facing new challenges as a result of globalization, rapid economic growth, and socio-cultural changes. To help the region keep pace with these changes, and to help achieve educational objectives and other Millennium Development Goals, IIEP-UNESCO will be holding a training programme in Indonesia, Thailand, and Viet Nam from June 2012 to May 2013 to strengthen local capabilities in educational planning and policy.

The 11-month distance training programme will provide the 83 participants with the skills necessary to prepare critical and effective educational policies and plans. They will also gain greater understanding of how to expand post-basic education and improve educational quality while maintaining its relevance for both the labour market and everyday life.  Participants will include senior and middle-ranking officials from Ministries of Education, universities, and other public institutions.

The programme will strengthen the national training capabilities in educational planning of renowned local institutions, universities, and other training institutions invited to participate. IIEP will ensure that participants can apply the training they receive to their own institutions and within their national context. By holding the training in the three countries at the same time, the programme will enhance South-Asia cooperation, offering the opportunity for knowledge- and experience-sharing among all participants.

The initiative is benefiting from a triple partnership. IIEP-UNESCO brings its worldwide expertise in educational planning and management; the Faculty of Education of the University of Hong Kong will provide regional knowledge; and J.P. Morgan, by its generous funding, allows the comprehensive training programme to be conducted simultaneously in the three Asian countries.

The programme is officially launched on Wednesday, 6 June, with an opening ceremony in each of the participating countries. Representatives from Ministries of Education, UNESCO, J.P. Morgan, and local institutions attend these events and welcome the participants.


Press contact:
Maxime Bouquet
+33 1 45 03 77 66



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