Experiencing the programme: participants and coordinators give their feedback and share their views (1/7)

About half of the training programme has been completed by participants in Indonesia, Thailand, and Viet Nam. IIEP is taking this opportunity to pose questions to some participants and coordinators.

First to be published:  Mrs. Nguyen Lan Huong, participant of the ESP Programme and Deputy Head, International Programs and Relations Office at the National Institute of Education Management (NIEM), Hanoi (Viet Nam)

Mrs. Nguyen Lan Huong

Mrs Nguyen Lan Huong, Participant to the ESP Programme in Hanoi (Viet Nam)

You have been taking part in the ESP Programme for the past six months. Could you briefly tell us what your expectations were when enrolling in this programme?

N.L.H: Enrolling in this programme, I expected to gain thorough knowledge about education planning, to such extent that I can use it for my planning, my teaching of this subject and researching in the area of education management. Moreover, I understood that this programme would enlarge my networks by interacting with other institutes (Ho Chi Minh City) and in other countries (Indonesia and Thailand) with their expertise and experience to be shared.

You are completing the ESP distance programme while continuing to work at your job. Has the programme helped you in your day-to-day work? If so, how?

N.L.H: I will not lie, completing the ESP distance programme while continuing to work is a big challenge. However, in another perspective, it helped me a lot in my day-to-day work. Each module is very useful with relevant knowledge and information that can be integrated immediately in the planning process for our annual plan, in the revised curriculum and materials for our students and adult trainees. The knowledge from this programme also helped me in reviewing our strategic planning for our education system and to make my own assessment about this process.

Has this programme allowed you to enlarge your professional network? Has the cooperation with the other programme participants been helpful? If so, how?

N.L.H: One of my expectations for this programme was to enlarge my professional network and I believe it has already done that, even though the programme has not ended yet. I have got to know other colleagues, not only from Vietnam but also Indonesia and Thailand. The cooperation with other participants in our class is very fruitful. We have grown closer and discovered we have a lot in common, especially in terms of targets. We always act as a team to make the research work relevant to the courses. We also look forward to the one-week study visit to the Hong Kong Institute of Education (in January 2013), where we will have a chance to see in person other participants and actually activate our professional network for the long-term benefit.




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